Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary exists to provide Biblical and theological instruction to residents of correctional institutions within the state of Illinois and Indiana. The goal of this rigorous program of Biblical and theological studies is the moral transformation of residents in correctional institutions so that they can live in hope and joy and be a blessing to their families, churches, and communities.  Divine Hope’s aim is to foster humility and holiness in our students. We seek to nurture incarcerated men and women who can be examples of moral transformation and who are peacemakers in their prison communities and beyond.

We believe that fulfilling Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary’s mission will

  • produce graduates who can winsomely communicate the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • contribute to a reduction in minor offenses and violence within prison
  • foster re-entry back into society and help to reduce recidivism rates
  • nurture relationships between offenders and their mentors and their faith communities


Ordination and ministerial credentialing is not part of the mission of our seminary. Upon graduation no Divine Hope students will be “ordained” or receive any other type of ministerial credentials from the seminary.