Our Name

The school is called Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary because it provides an opportunity for hope-giving and life-changing studies that prepare our students for useful service within and outside of prison.

The school is called Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary because it provides theological training within the historic Christian and confessional Protestant traditions. All courses will be centered on the rich Biblical truths of God’s sovereign providence, the depth of human sin, God’s unmerited electing and saving grace in Jesus Christ, and the confidence believers enjoy in trusting for their salvation and sanctification in the covenantal faithfulness of God.

The school is called Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary because all courses will be guided by the Word of God, the Bible. Students study the Bible. They take many classes on Old and New Testament books of the Bible.

The school is called Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary because it provides an exclusively religious and theological program. The seminary wants to foster “intelligent piety” on the part of graduates through offerings that cover the range of seminary and Bible college topics including study of the Bible, church history, systematic theology, and biblical counseling.